Draleon Legacy Academy
Draleon Legacy Academy: An Underground Immersive Experience for Magical Creatures
As you may already know, nobody finds Arturo Gaitan by accident.

Consider this your sign, your divine appointment, a meeting that's beyond coincidence.

Dear special soul, it is our honor to meet you here.

You've been hand-selected to be a part of the inaugural class of Draleon Legacy Academy.
Where do the light workers & healers go to charge up their auric field, study the fundamentals of human consciousness, and awaken to their brightest light to shine upon others?
It's not easy to be so energetically aware, to feel so much, to see so much, and to have such an optimistic view of the healing of the planet, amongst so much negativity.

It's no simple task to be a soul that has signed up to be a light-leader, to carry a vibration of awakening.

It's often times very lonely to constantly be the light amongst the dark, to be the hope inside of resignation.

The light workers often have the most challenging life circumstances to rise up from, the deepest past wounds to heal, the loudest anxiety to calm, and the most incessant worries to overcome.

The angels knew who could handle the toughest of life lessons for the purpose of growth and expansion.

You may find yourself daydreaming about possibilities for your life, seeing grand visions of the world, planning doing something extraordinary for the service of the planet, the universe and other fellow humans.

During these seasons of growth you may experience a lot of frustration and emotions can feel like unwanted attacks as fear, doubt, overwhelm, and overall heaviness.
This is what Arturo calls the Path of The Soul's Calling.
When your soul is calling you to honor what you signed up for before you took the body that you are in now.
Your Great Destiny.
So what does it actually take to be free from YOURSELF,
free from your emotions, free from the limiting control of society?

What does it take to heal from the inside out,
overcome your inner critic,
and discover the brightest soul you came here to be?
We know and respect the soul contract you made in this lifetime.
Where do you go to challenge yourself
to rise to the next version of leadership,
vibrational mastery, and consciousness elevation?

When so many people count on you to be strong and hold space,
where can you actually open and receive?

This just may be the invitation you've been waiting for.

Arturo's clients have been asking for years for an immersive learning experience
to study the exact tools that he does for healings and readings.
Now is your chance to extract the universal laws straight from the Source.
Arturo is Seeking His Most Committed Students...
"My purpose is to show you how
you have natural gifts that can open the most precious channel
that a human can have . . . the direct channel to
the source of the power of the universe."
The Call Is Loud And Clear,  The New Conscious Needs You
Arturo has heard the call from the multi-dimensional realms loud and clear, it's time to train the people that can handle the frequency of the new world consciousness.
He has developed a comprehensive, experiential training program for lightworkers like you to heal yourself, awaken intuitive powers, share your light, and be the person that lights up the world ... without even trying.
For the universe to exist, it needs a vision, a willingness to see light where others see darkness—and here is the secret of the lightworker ...
"We are surrounded by darkness, infinite space, a seemingly empty void.

It's in the darkness that all the possibilities of creation exist.

We need darkness to create the light.

And it's far too common for people to fear the darkness,
but we must learn to embrace the darkness
as a realm of limitless creation potential.

Draleon Legacy Academy will train students
to navigate in any darkness,
to BE the light,
to bring the light,
and then light the path for others to follow.

This planet is in desperate need of light, more than anything else.

Will you answer the call to be a channel of light?"

— Arturo
What is “Draleon Consciousness”?
The draleon is the combination of two main vibrations
that are set in this planet—the Dragon and Lion consciousness.

1. Dragon— The metaphor of the dragon is here to represent knowledge.
Knowledge and intellect is a leading tool of the human consciousness,
it is one of our greatest powers, but it can also be our greatest weakness.
The Dragon brings us the lie and the truth, the manipulation and the light.
We call this "The Ego." It can make us believe we have all the answers,
when we should really humble ourselves to being a student.

2. Lion— The metaphor of the lion is here to represent wisdom.
In its nature, it is simple, pure instincts of nature, to complete the task at hand.
Dragon + Lion = Draleon Consciousness.
Where knowledge is put into action. 
Where true planetary balance is achieved. 
Where courage meets practicality. 
Where harmony is restored.
Who is this Creature, Arturo?
Arturo Gaitan is a world-renowned metaphysical healer, medium, spiritual physicist, and light warrior. After a spiritual awakening at the age of 7, and being visited by many multi-dimensional beings, Arturo realized he was different than most humans. The channel of communication from the Designers of The Universe was wide open for him to learn and receive downloads.

He has taken his 30 years of training to create an immersive, rigorous training for the people interested in ushering in the new vibration of human consciousness. Arturo’s life mission is to empower people to see their own unique essence, to live with the ecstatic joy of divine purpose, and to learn the true codes of the universal order.

Arturo deeply knows what it’s like to feel different, like the outcast of life, with extremely challenging life circumstances. If you have worked with Arturo personally, you know that he is a character like no one else.

His heart is huge, his humor is quirky, and his love is unconditional.
Arturo's Promises of Draleon Legacy Academy
  • This higher vibration will adjust the healer’s bodies to attract more spirit and become stronger not just spiritual but physically and emotionally.
  • The healer new vibration will set him or her apart from the average and make them part of an elite group of beings with very deep universal laws and understandings, giving them the opportunity of being the pioneers on the next big thing in emotional, energetic and physical restoration, healing and re-evolution of the self.
  • The healers will have the opportunity to develop this vibration by keeping themselves connected in those frequencies and will be able to obtain the gift of self healing and project the new vibration of the planet and universe to those that are in need or be ready for the next level of consciousness.
  • The healers will be able to connect at a deeper level with clients in one-on-one sessions or groups, every word in any form that they share will contain the new consciousness vibration allowing them to be 100% in control of their empathic power.
  • The healers will be able with the practice of these powers, become figures of power and respect and they will carrie the responsibility of transfer the Draleon wisdom to the present and future generations of humans that will operate in a different levels of understanding in this planet.
The Monthly Topic Breakdown
Onboarding & Vision
(Class begins Oct 8th)
Opening Intuitive Super Powers
Prosperity & New Economics
Accessing Your Core & Soul Purpose (Setting up 2020)
Awakening Your Inner Healer
Karmic Clearing & Energetic Boundaries
Transmuting Emotions
Advanced Psychic Development
Destiny Program
God's Mechanics
What's Included?
  • 1 Personalized Soul Reading & Vision Session
    (50 Minutes by Arturo)
  • 1 Inspiration & Organization Session
    (by Franchesca)
  • 4 Group Calls per Month
    (90 Minutes)
  • 1 Private reading per Month
    (20 minutes)
  • ​1 In-Person Group Healing Retreat
    (2.5 Days in San Diego)
  • Recorded Modules
  • ​​Monthly Accountability Partner
  • ​Monthly Guided Meditation
  • ​Facebook Group Support
  • ​Special Rates on additional Private Readings
  • ​Surprise Bonus Content from Arturo
Arturo is Here To...
  • Teach you how to tune up all of your powers—Intuition, mediumship, auras, chakras, body energy from the mind, apply energy healing to others, be a leader in your community or in the world.
  • ​Train you to connect directly to the Source Energy.
  • ​Take your business to the next level and create a very successful practice were you can help endless amounts of people.
  • ​Show you how to connect with the flow of the universe of prosperity and abundance.
  • ​Share with you the most powerful secrets of energy healing that you can use to help others.
  • ​Show you step-by step-the science behind the most powerful methods of healing.
  • ​Unleash your purest form of magic.
Draleon Legacy Academy is the door to the spiritual library of the universe, it is the door to access the laws of the universe and use them for your life purpose, it is the door to access the magic of healing humans.
From inertia to real achievements.
From heaviness to happiness.
From to life challenges to rising as a Phoenix from the ashes.
Here's Some Love from Arturo's Clients
"I remember when I first visited Arturo, I felt so broken. A breakup had rocked my self-esteem, confidence, and ability to see my future self. Within a few minutes of seeing Arturo, he made me remember who I was- the essence of my power and strength. I have never felt so seen and understood in my entire life. He just “got” me. 

It took just a few sessions with Arturo for him to help me completely redesign my business from scratch, and since working together, I’ve created a multiple 6-figure coaching business-- that I am absolutely in love with. Arturo, you’re heart is so huge, your gifts are so real, you are a gift to this planet. Thank you for the massive, lasting impact you’ve had on my life."

— Jolie D.
Jolie Dawn
Tom Bartley
"For any of us that may have any doubt that Arturo can tap into your aura and energy with clarity and insight, my experience would clearly put that doubt to rest, as the amount of insights and alignment with my past and life journey Arturo shared with me was simply amazing, one insight after another, with an uncanny accuracy that is difficult to explain, other than my sense it was directly from source, however you explain that for yourself."

— Tom B.
"My time and healing with Arturo has been a life changing experience. I am able to see my purpose in life with great clarity. I'm also able to accept the most important thing he taught me; my heart. His passion is sharing his gift, and I hope all come to experience for themselves directly."

— Sasha D.
Sasha Dawn
Ashley Sumida
"Arturo is one of a kind. The two things I truly appreciate about this wizard, is (1) His healing heart instantly makes me feel like I am home and (2) His capabilities of healing other’s hearts, taught me that I am my own home! Again, remarkable man!"

— Ash S.
The Draleon Invitation
You are here by invitation only, I did not select you, you signed a contract to find me at some point in your life for me to deliver to you the map of the true magic and the new vibration and discover the healer that lives inside of you, the one that been poking you so many times calling you to do something else or more, calling you to stop being ordinary and be the real you, the extraordinary being that you are and I believe that, because that is the reason I did call you to be part of this group of elite that will lead other humans to a higher vibration and transform their lives and the world by being part of the new and biggest Re-Evolution of the self.
Hello future Draleon, please submit these questions so we can get a better sense of your compatibility with Draleon Legacy Academy. This process will take 5-10 minutes. Thank you for your honest, and thoughtful answers.
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